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About WitchesChat


WitchesChat.com was started in 1996 by Malatesa on the ICQ IRC server. The first team of ops were Wicca from Michigan, Draven from Canada, Celest from Italy, and gH[0]sT from South Africa. Although there were other Wiccan/Pagan chat rooms on the internet (EFNet, UnderNet, and DalNet), they were poorly managed and only served the needs of the ops, not the people chatting. WitchesChat was designed for the people that come to chat--not to serve the ego's of the ops. This continues to be the spirit of WitchesChat today. As time went on WitchesChat has had high points and low points. By 2001 the original ops had become involved in other projects and life itself. WitchesChat remained a low-traffic chat room until 2011, when it began to grow again. The current ops are Malatesa from California, MCMXLV from South Carolina, Quartzie from Narnia, and Widdershins from Arizona.


The purpose of WitchesChat is to bring like-minded people together to share what's important in our spiritual lives. Father Michael Himes, professor of theology at Boston College made the point that the key to developing and enriching our spiritual lives is to share with others what's spiritually, culturally, and religiously important to us. It is through this process that what we truely believe crystalizes in our own minds. It is sharing with one another and asking others, "tell me your story," that we actually begin to learn who we are and others begin to learn who they are. This brings us closer to the Goddess(s), God(s), and each other. Father Himes said, "respectfully give our attentive hearing to what's important to others." We are all students, but I will point out that we begin to move from learner to teacher when we get people to ask right questions. As Father Himes pointed out so eloquently, the first right question is always "tell me your story." Attend to what is said, in the conviction that reality is there to be seen--reality is there to give itself to us, and this is where we will find truth. And when we seek truth, and when we give ourselves to others in service to God and Goddess, we become teachers. It has been said that Wicca is a ceremonial religion, and that one of the goals of Wicca is to raise students to become good teachers. WitchesChat sets the stage for that possibility--the possibility that we can all become good teachers, upholding good ethics and morals, and putting ourselves in service to others, our tradition, and our God(s)/Goddess(s).


WitchesChat was originally designed to support the Wiccan community, however, over the years it became obvious that Wiccans shared many common beliefs with other Pagans, Christians, Muslems, Buddhists, Taoists, and others. WitchesChat has grown into a chat room that supports any faithful person of any religion, provided they have come to learn, share, teach, and grow. While the foundation of WitchesChat is still the Wiccan religion, anyone of any faith can join the chat. The differences we may have won't go away--and we shouldn't expect them to, but certainly we can share with each other what's important in our particular traditions and find ways to include each other, not exclude. It's important in WitchesChat to be prepared to set your ego and pride aside. We're here to learn from one another, not to draw lines of distinction.

Link to us

If you have a webpage or website and would like to add the WitchesChat chatroom to it, it's pretty easy to do. We keep the room in good shape and try to make sure everyone feels welcome. WitchesChat is designed to be the internet's primary Wiccan and Pagan chat room. It's the universal and commonly shared chat room for Witches--a shared central connection-point. There are several benefits to incorporating WitchesChat into your webpage or website.

  • It's the largest Wiccan and Pagan chat room on the internet
  • We don't advertise anything on WitchesChat or try to profit off of any aspect of it
  • It's moderated and we make everyone feel welcome
  • It's already well-established with good people
  • It's got people in it 24/7 to chat with
  • There is no other free, public, and welcoming Wiccan/Pagan chat room like WitchesChat anywhere else
  • We have all sorts of faiths and traditions and interests represented by the membership

    So if you want to add a Witches chat room to your site that's got good people and is already well-established, just create a new link or button on your site and incorporate this html code. If you need help with the html, please ask. Linking to the WitchesChat chat room in any other way is not guaranteed to work--so use only the code below to link to the chat room.

    <iframe src="http://www.witcheschat.com/witcheschat.php" width="100%" height="510" align="top" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    To add this WitchesChat banner to your page, just insert the following code.

    <a href="http://www.witcheschat.com"><img src="http://www.witcheschat.com/images/wc.jpg"></a>

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