The WitchesChat.Com chat room accesses the Occultus.Net Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers to provide chat capability to our members. Information flowing from client and server is not always encrypted, although there are special ports that you can use to enable encrypted chat. In general, chat traffic travels from client to server and from server to client without encryption. This means that if you are using WiFi or some other interceptable medium, it's possible (though very unlikely) that it can be intercepted. This is the same case for most browsing on the web that you do. Also, while you are chatting in WitchesChat, know this: if you give your personal information to someone, that's on you. You take the risk for it. Obviously people do share personal information all the time in chat, and people even develope good healthy friendships while chatting, but keep in mind that you are responsible for your own action. Now, here's the Sorcery.Net disclaimer taken from their server:

You can give any personal information such as : your name, phone number, home address, etc. but we are NOT responsible for that. Please keep in mind that real time chat is an unmoderated medium and we are NOT responsible for the content while you're online. If you do not understand the rules and policies of this server, please /quit at this time. We reserve the right to deny access to this server, this network, and/or services at any time, for any or no reason as we deem necessary. If you have any enquiries, please contact Enjoy your stay on OccultusNet

IP Addresses

An IP address is like your computers phone number. It usually changes every time you log in to chat, but it doesn't always. IP addresses are masked pretty well, but if someone has some understanding of how IP masking works, they can determine what city you live near. Sometimes a tech-savvy person can ever determine your actual city, though not usually. Because of spam and trolls, using a proxy in WitchesChat is not possible.

Ignoring people

WitchesChat generally takes place in the publick chat room, but there is also a way to send private messages to each other. If you are getting messages from someone in a private chat, it will open a new tab for that particular private chat. You have the option of ignoring that tab, if you choose. As far as ignoring people in the public chat room, it's only possible if you download an IRC client for your cell/mobile phone or if you download an app for your PC/laptop. Instructions for doing that are on the main WitchesChat.Com page. Once you have a real IRC client downloaded, you can use the /ignore command to ignore specific people.


WitchesChat has several "ops" or "mods" in the chat room. You can identify them easily because they have a ~, @ or % sign in front of their name. They have the ability to kick people out of the room or ban them for a period of time...or forever. If you believe you are being harassed, please feel free to bring it up with one of the ops. Ops will make a judgement about the situation and take action if necessary. In general, the ops in WitchesChat give people a lot of room and time to adopt our chat room's etiquette. You can see the chat room rules on the main page.